This short text is to incite to think about what crypto does, and mainly why I think crypto is mostly harmful for its users.

If you happen to disagree with me, I'm interested in improving my view on this, you can drop an e-mail.

The original motivation of crypto appears to me to be quite legit and reasonable : the project started in 2008 round about the subprime mortgage crisis, when trust in the financial system was probably at its worst. The main motivation was to get rid of banks and replace them with decentralized software. Many things haven't been yet thought through, but it's an interesting project in response to what happened.

I think the goal was to :
- operate in a transparent way to allow audits, fraud detection, in contrast to banks that are obscure.
- prevent inflation by fixing a terminal amount of cryptographic coins.
- prevent speculative bubbles.

However the current situation of cryptocurrencies seems to have completely failed at most of its original targets : it seems to me that it only features the worst aspects of what money can do.

If your house has an incredible door-lock, thieves will target your windows made of paper.

Blockchain do features a strong security feature : account reliability. It is almost impossible to modify without affecting near than half (if not more than half) mining computers.

why I think it's only reasonable future is to crash

Crypto harms most users while benefiting few. It has become a somewhat sectarian cult that push users to grandiose level of delusion, which is quite worrying. It does not create wealth or goods, it helps scammers and criminals.

Wealthy people in crypto haven't produced anything : they took money from others who hoped to get rich quick.

It's not that I don't like crypto. I despise it. It started as a well motivated project, failed in a spectacular manner.

Every time I see a crypto evangelist, I feel sorry for his lack of critical sens. I think most crypto people are trapped in a nonsensical position and decided that the only way is to dig themselves deeper in their believes.

I think something has to be done to stop this madness, help people out.